Black Mountain*

Off to Montenegro we went after our trip with Steph. We had no expectations for Budva, which I’m glad because any idea we might have had of a nice beach getaway would have been shattered.

This place was definitely not my idea of a nice town. Sure, if you are into beach bars plastered with promotional branding by Jagermeister, decorated with fake Effiel Towers and fringing drapes, commercialised beaches packed with deck chairs, umbrellas and DJs blasting Ministry of Sound circa 2003 through poor sound systems, overpriced bejeweled lycra clothing items and dodgy carnivals filled with vomiting children, then yes, this place would be for you. It is a shame, because geographically speaking, Budva is a beautiful place. It has just been developed in a particular way that caters for a certain type of holiday goer which clearly wasn’t us.

The finer side of Budva:

The other side:




When I go to the beach I like to be sitting on top of people I am not acquainted with.

Family Fun

Sexual fabio ride

Children can play to win giant bottles of Johnny.

While we didn’t particularly like the place, the experience was pretty comical for the most part so we had a good time.

In a more modest town, Kotor, we felt a bit more at home.

nimbus 2000 collection

Cheese burek

We climbed the fort that creeps up the mountain behind the old town and came across some friendly goats on the way back down.

Nearby Perast was also a beautiful little spot, where we visited another Island church.

Next stop, Mostar.

* Montenegro means ‘Black Mountain’ in Italian