It’s pronounced BudePESHT not BudaPEST, got it?

The next long – by long, I mean more than a night – stopover was in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

We stayed on the Pest side of the river, which according to your Lonely Planets and Rough Guides is the ‘hip’ area of city. Bit of a wank, but it did have some great spots to eat, hang out and just wander.

Local haunt. Kazinczy St.

Nice example of depth of field Joe.

Non neon.

Selfy on the spinny chair. Sorry Byrnesy.

Possibly the best thing I have seen thus far.

A dog wearing a bandana gets me every time.

Walked on to a set by accident.

Open air courtyard outside hostel.

Just another architecture shot. They’re pretty much all replicas.

Pest lights.

Pest at night.

Yet again, another city, another free walking tour. I swear you are hand fed the details of these tours at every hostel you go to, but they really are well worth it.

We picked up a couple of Swedes on the tour, Vince and Glitter (formally known as Andrea and Robin), and learnt from our guides the upmost important things to do in Budapest were to go to the baths and bars. Done and done.

Budapest open air baths.

Checking out the local talent.

Open air baths.

Blount was on-trend with the red trunks.

Szimpla. The third best bar in the world apparently.

Szimpla. “Business is booming” – Angus Blount-Greene.

To top off our leisurely couple of days of bathing and boozing, we did a spot of shopping at the flea market. We were so pleased with the bargains we picked up, almost to the point of cocky, only to be put back in our place and fined for fare evading on the train back. Those middle-aged, Hungarian women who inspect the public transport system are ruthless! And we are stupid tourists so that made for an interesting half an hour.

Budapest Flea Market.

Flea market gem. Ilene Hochberg is a genius.

Talking shop.

Where some of the flea market merchandise may come from:

Hard rubbish in Budapest.

Catching the train to Belgrade at the nick of time after feeling the wrath of the burly inspectors, we managed to score a cabin to ourselves with our new Swedish companions.