The Sound of Music…I’d rather have a beer.

After Joe’s family loaded us up with goodies for the road, we jumped on a train (well, five different trains) heading towards Salzburg, Austria.

We had no interest in the multiple ‘The Sound of Music’ tours on offer or visiting Mozart museums. Instead, being the tight asses that we are, we opted for the free/not paying an arm and a leg activities the city had to offer.

We walked around the fortress. Why pay the 6 euro fee to get into the castle when you get the best views of the castle from the outside? Same goes for the surrounding mansions and alps. I’m going by the theory of Karl Pilkington here.

Other stuff along the way to the Augustiner Brewery.


One day we went for a dip in Wolfgangsee Lake in the Salzkammergut region. Pretty nice with the alps as a backdrop while you swim.

Some snaps around Salzburg.

   On our last night in Salzburg we had beers and burgers down on the river bank.