Mo-rockin’ Tour Part One: Marakech

So I am a little behind the ball game, try 8 months behind, but better late than never!

The real world kind of got in the way of me finishing my travel blog, you know, those pesky little things called work and responsibilities.

Now, I’ll start where I left off. Morocco – first stop Marakech.

We were extremely spoilt and got to spend two weeks in Morocco with Joe’s family, doing our own private tour.

Having spent quite a bit of time in Hostels and some rather shabby hotels, we were a bit beside ourselves when we arrived at the Riad we were staying in for the next couple of nights.

Moroccan RiadMoroccan Riad

Greeted with delicious spicey short bread and a pot of sweet Moroccan mint tea, we spent some time just taking in our surroundings and remembered no to embarrass ourselves by gawking too much or breaking anything with our oversized packs. After our much anticipated reunion with Joe’s family (we didn’t cause a scene) we decided to mosey around Jemaa el Fna Square.

Jemaa el Fna SquareBut alas, jet lag and a cold and flu hang over saw us pack it in for night quite early.

The next day we had a private tour (the guide was a bit disappointing but I won’t go into detail on that) filled with riad, medina, museum and palace visits in the old town.

Marakech Morocco


Moroccan Palace

No more souk for you

Moroccan Spices

Serious carpet shopping

Moroccan Chameleons

Yes, you can pick yourself up a chameleon at the local souk. Unfortunately according to our guide, these little guys aren’t bought as pets. Apparently Chameleons have medicinal powers, magical powers, cure infidelity and are murderous, amongst many others things. There is an interesting read here on the various uses of chameleons in Morocco.

After sporting a rather wispy, long do, Joe decided to get the chop at a local barber. Of course, the lovely man couldn’t speak much English and the extent of our Arabic and French vocabulary was and still is, little to none (there were very few words spoken and lots of nodding was involved) which made the idea even more appealing and yes, I documented the process.

Before….Moroccan hair cut

Getting somewhere…

Moroccan hair cut

Not sure where this is going…

Moroccan hair cut

Lloyd Christmas….

Moroccan hair cut a la Lloyd Christmas

Nailed it.

Moroccan hair cut

Our last night in Marakech we spent on the roof of our riad watching the day disappear into dusk.

Marakech Morocco

Dusk in Marakesh, Morocco

The next morning we set out with our lovely driver, Omar, towards the Atlas mountains.