Third Times a Charm

For the third and final time for this trip, we crossed back into Croatia to the capital, Zagreb. It was refreshing to return to a city that was predominantly a lived in place. By that I mean you get off the bus and you aren’t swamped with people trying to sell you accommodation or information.

We didn’t do any tours or anything like that, just wandered around like usual.

We checked out the new town, the old town and the Museum of Broken Relationships – which was really fantastic. People leave behind an object that reminded them of a past relationship and a story to go with it. Some of the stories were hilarious and others were fairly heartbreaking.

Moody owls

Old town

Like lego

So modest

Not what you think

We enjoyed some not so typically Croatian cuisine:


Cafe dedicated to brownies + cookies

Joe regretted not getting icecream

Typical croatian cuisine we decided to avoid. “The Bear Paw”

While we were there, we nicked off to Plitvice Lakes National Park for a day. The lakes really are incredible, but shuffling along a boardwalk behind hundreds of other people became a tad tedious, so we decided to do a bit of hiking up in the national park as well.

The lakes:


After a quick stop in Ljubljana (I don’t have enough photos for a post) we hit the road for Venice.