Something About Hand Throwing

We were lucky enough to spend some quality time with one of our German comrades, Conrad (Daniel) Winnen. Being the gentleman that he is, he let us crash at his place with his lovely house mate Tina for a few days and show us around his current city Antwerp.

Our first day we ventured off to Poperinge (while the others nailed their Dutch exams) and from there, visited the Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Joe’s great, great uncle William is buried there so we payed our respects. It is a very beautiful cemetery but it is hard not to be moved when you are there. Most people were our age and much younger who fought and died along the border of France and Belgium.

We were a bit weary after the ride out to the cemetery and decided we needed a pick me up. Waffles.

Daniel had well and truly brushed up on his history of Antwerp, so we learnt the essentials.

Our excellent guide hard at it.

For instance, what the meaning of these ridiculous statues are:

Something about the origin of the name Antwerp (loosely translated as hand throwing), a greedy giant who collected to many tolls got his hand chopped off by the local campus hero.

It’s only a flesh wound.

Two drunk guys and a giant? I forget this one.

Caption this.

More stuff around the city:

Pedestrian tunnel under the river.

Being students and travelers on a budget, we had the mutual ground of being tight arses. Naturally a free music festival sounded just the ticket.

Thanks again Daniel and Tina! Next stop, Ireland.