First stop, Prague.

After free loading off Blount for the week and still only being able to afford a few simple luxuries in Stockholm, it was a welcome relief to discover we could afford a plethora of beer, goulash and entrance fees to tourist attractions while in Prague.

While the expenses in the city were within our means, we didn’t shake our stingy traveller antics completely and yet again we found ourselves doing the free city walking tour. I was a bit sceptical about our guide at first, but she proved to be quite the trooper. Particularly when she managed to shoo off the homeless man seeping both alcohol and urine (quite literally I mean) who was having a grand time mocking her introduction on Prague Architecture.

Speaking of architecture (not a poorly executed segue at all), here are few snaps of the Old Town.

Stormy Prague.


More skyline views.

More is more.

Town square.

Going on the advice our guide gave us we visited the out of order metronome overlooking the Old Town for the best views of the place at night.

Metronome sponsored by Puma.

Metronome views.


Prague Bridges.

Happy snaps – general meandering.

Shady characters.



Just your usual street performance in Prague. Yes, that man is playing the washboard.

Looking good Byrnesy.

Heinous tourist tram/taxi. Why can’t they walk the 500m?


We didn’t have time to venture into the abyss i.e. outside the Old Town. It really is just catering for tourists there and it would have been nice to check out the sights that aren’t sold on postcards, but there is always a next time!


Many a serving of meat, potatoes and beer were had. We did cheat on Czech food that one time though when we found a quaint Italian bistro where Blount and I started a love affair with anything containing elderflower.

Beef Goulash with Potato Dumplings.

Roast pork with (you guessed it) potato dumplings.

First time for everything – roast beef garnished with whipped cream.

$2 Pilsner.

Cukrkavalimonada Cafe. There is only so much meat and potatoes one can consume.

Elderberry Flower Concoctions.