Paying the Iron Price on the Aran Islands

We have become a bit swept up in the whole Game of Thrones saga and we decided (which means it isn’t entirely accurate) that the Iron Islands in the novel may have been loosely based on the geography of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. While recreating scenes from the novel sounded appealing, pretending to be Balon Greyjoy and only paying the iron price – pillaging and stealing- just wasn’t our thing. Plus ransacking a pub for a Guinness and fish and chips just isn’t the same as besieging a castle.

Just read the books if you have know clue what I am on about.

Here are some snaps we took on Inis Oirr, the closest of the Aran islands to Doolin (where we based ourselves).

The local hero down by the dock on Inis Oirr. He knew what time the ferry came in from Doolin so he would meander down to get lots of pats and attention from all the new passengers. We were mostly fascinated by him because he is what Joe’s dog Sergio could be if he were 10kg lighter and a little brighter. We love Sergy though!

Back in Doolin, we checked out the town (two streets), walked along the Cliffs of Moher and caught a Trad session at the pub.