Delft Tops the Dayum.

A few people had recommended this town for us to visit. Delft is like the sweet, younger sibling of Amsterdam. There is no seedy red light district and thankfully, no poorly named brown cafes, e.g “Coffee Shop Smokey”.

We spent our few days riding around some of the local farms, eating as many free samples at the produce market and marveling at how flat the country is!

Gouda was only a short train ride away so we headed there for all things cheese. We went to a cheese museum. Yep, life goes downhill from here I think. On the positive side, I now know how to make the Gouda variety of cheese and a clay pipe – no correlation at all with cheese but very big in the Netherlands so they have demonstrations at the museum. All the employees were very lovely, they gave us free cheese and a pipe that is older than our country.

On to Antwerp to visit Daniel/Conrad/Crunchie!