The Infamous Aachen

We only managed to get to Aachen for the day but we squeezed in as much as possible. With an efficient list of things to see from Kronesy, we sought out the Cathedral, the Old Town, Printen stores and Judith and Robert’s favourite ice cream shop.

The Cathedral in Aachen really is unique. After visiting oh so many churches since we arrived in Europe, they all start to look the same. We did have a chuckle when we realised the designers over the centuries had changed their minds so much they adopted a ‘let’s have one of everything’ attitude.

We ate our fair share of Printen. This stuff is just too delicious and you can only get it in Aachen. Kronesy, the printen we bought you may have got lost in the mail/we may have eaten it.

We ate ice cream for lunch as well. We are adults so we are allowed to do that.

It was market time in the main square so we sampled some tasty potato fritters.

Some other snaps around the Old Town:

“The Circulation of Money” Fountain

Puppet fountain. Just a bit creepy.

A Goblin.

Next stop, Berlin!